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May 24, 2021

There is no doubt about it, we live in a video world, and that’s a scary realization for many.


The thought of seeing themselves on screen — or even worse — others seeing them on screen — makes their hearts pump faster, causes them to sweat, and … well, they react in the same way as someone who is afraid of speaking public.


Thankfully, there are people like Elsewine Rietveld who can help us be more confident and more comfortable on camera.


In this episode

- The importance of using video in marketing your business

- The common struggles people have when it comes to making video and how to resolve them

- The first steps to take if you're feeling camera-shy?

- Things not to do or to avoid

- What to do if you forget what you were going to say

- How to get Elsewine's new book “Get Comfortable on Camera”




- Buy "Get Comfortable on Camera"

- "Get Comfortable on Camera" website