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May 31, 2023

Is PR part of your promotional mix? Or do you believe it’s a tool used only by larger companies with larger bank accounts? Then listen in as Brandi Sims shares with you how PR can be part of your mix and how it will benefit you no matter the size of your company.



- The Difference between Marketing, PR and...

May 23, 2023

When you speak, do you quickly engage and connect with the audience? Do the audience members remember you, and more importantly, do they remember your message and how it benefits them? In this episode, my guest, Chandler Walker, helps you ensure all of this happens every time you speak in public.


Chandler has spoken...

May 16, 2023

Are you an empowered public speaker, or do you shy away from the challenges that speaking presents even though you know they are necessary for growth? Then listen in as my guest, Victoria Rader, helps you focus on your message instead of yourself and explains how using "what if?" scenarios enables you to shift your...

May 9, 2023

Are you still trying to get over your nervousness or maybe even dealing with limited beliefs? Well, maybe it's time to try Emotional Freedom Techniques, commonly known as EFT or Tapping. Listen in as my guest Lauren Fonvielle explains how tapping can help you reduce your anxiety, overcome limiting beliefs, and help you

May 2, 2023

Have you ever thought about working with a speech pathologist? Well, neither have I ... at least not since I worked with one in elementary school. But maybe it’s time to consider the idea. Listen in, and hear speech pathologist Lenora Edwards explain how working with a speech language pathologist can help improve...