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Feb 7, 2022

How good would it be if you could add a tool to your speak toolbox that helps you add more value to your clients? And at the same time, it would equip you with the ability to be more comfortable when dealing with unexpected situations, help you turn negative self-talk into positive action, and even more focused listening skills, which is extremely valuable in speaking. It would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? In this episode, Izzy Gesell shows you how you can use this powerful tool to be a more connected, engaged speaker.



- The benefits of structured practice

- The application of the principles of improv

- Where the laughter is in improv

- How improv helps you provide what most clients are looking for

- The effect improv has on leadership capabilities

- The benefits of being vulnerable

- How to implement this technique with no real-world implications

- The 3 keys to applied improv

- Hear a live example of applied improv

- The difference between improvisers and others