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Jun 28, 2021

The fear of public speaking is so pervasive that many, if not most, books on public speaking include a chapter on the subject.  

But Mike Acker’s book, Speak with No Fear, is different. It focuses only on the fear of public speaking and how to move beyond it so you can accomplish what you want in life, even if it’s not standing in front of an audience.


Listen in as Mike shares ideas and techniques that help you overcome the fear that’s holding you back.



  • Where you are is not where you stay
  • How shifting your focus helps you become a more effective public speaker
  • How the idea of “It is not about us” is important not only in public speaking but also in other aspects, such as leadership
  • The two weights you carry as a communicator and how they affect your level of fear
  • Why Mike focuses on fear of public speaking in “Speak with No Fear
  • How being familiar with other languages and cultures can affect your communication and leadership