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Sep 19, 2022

Perhaps the most important speech you’ll ever give is one that lasts only a few minutes. This speech is commonly known as a toast. My guest on this episode, Eddie Rice, discusses the art of both creating a toast and delivering it so that when you have the occasion to deliver a toast, it will be remembered for all the right reasons.



- How to determine the goal of your toast

- How not to give a toast that ends up on YouTube for the wrong reason

- How to structure your toast

- The first thing you should say

- How to make the middle of your toast relevant

- How to end on a powerful note

- How to deliver your toast well

- Who to address in your toast

- What to use for notes

- How to hold the mic

- How to get feedback when preparing your toast



Toast: Short Speeches, Big Impact

- The Captivating Public Speaker on Amazon