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Nov 10, 2020

The interest in guest podcasting is growing, and opportunities to increase your exposure and credibility abound, but, if you’re like many perspective guests, you do not know how to reach podcasts without using an expensive PR agency, insider network, or extensive influence.


In this episode, Case Lane helps entrepreneurs, writers, and professionals deliver value to podcast audiences by recognizing the importance of speaking on podcasts to deliver a message, promote a product, and enhance authority in a subject area.


You will learn the latest information on a D-I-Y approach, leveraging the different podcast directories, search, and social media to find ideal podcasts for your subject, including:

  • How to take your public speaking skills to podcasts
  • Understanding the range of available podcasts and where to find them
  • Navigating the podcast databases
  • How to be a valuable guest after the show
  • How to use your guest appearances as assets