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May 30, 2022

As a speaker, you’re also a business owner, salesperson, and marketer. And as a marketer, you must present yourself in a way that inspires, impresses, and establishes confidence in others for your abilities, products, and services.


Today, social media is one of the places that many people turn to in order to achieve this. And of the various social media platforms, LinkedIn has proven to be a solid choice for many speakers.


In today’s episode, Donna Serdula lets you know how you can most effectively represent yourself and connect with others. So listen in, take her suggestions and ideas and see if they can help you market yourself on the platform more effectively and grow your business.



- How Linkedin has taken the place of the watercooler

- How to stand out from everyone else

- How to use Donna's SOAR method to succeed on Linkedin

- How to take advantage of Linkedin's database

- How Linkedin's robust platform helps you promote your personal brand

- Why following someone might be the better choice over connecting with them

- Whether you should be using Linkedin to generate leads





- Donna Serdula on Linkedin