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May 9, 2022

Are you where you want to be as a speaker — not only in your speaking skill set but also if you’re looking to make speaking a career?  

If not, take the advice my mentor, Dick Herron, is quick to remind me — success is a choice … your choice.


You can also take that advice from today’s guest, Jim Roddy. Jim says that we’re in complete control of our career trajectory, and he’s done the research to prove it.


Jim has studied walk-ons. If you’re not familiar with the term, a walk-on is an athlete who wasn’t recruited nor received a scholarship to play their sport. Yet, these athletes do what it takes to achieve success.


Jim is here to share how we, as ordinary people, can accomplish extraordinary feats when our energy is properly channeled.



- 5 Steps of the Walk-On Method

- Preparing for your audience

- Enhanced Perceived Competence

- The value of being an excellent communicator

- The benefits of rehearsing




- The Walk-On Method

- Mastering Executive Presence

- Do You Talk Funny?

- I'd Love to But I Have a Game