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Jun 6, 2022

Can podcasting help you grow your speaking business? Yes, it can. 


Through podcasting, I’ve gained new clients as a speaker and speaking coach. And that’s fantastic. But the best part of being both a host and a guest is the people I’ve met and gotten to know.


Some of these people are even in my new book, The Captivating Public Speaker. And others have become valuable resources. One of these people is Alex Sanfilippo, the founder of PodMatch and other services designed to help podcasters in a multitude of ways.


In this episode, Alex tells you how PodMatch came about and how you can use it to build a show, be a frequent guest on shows, and the value of doing either or both.


He and PodMatch have been instrumental in the success of this show, and it’s a pleasure to have him join me for my 100th episode.


- Podcasting (hosting and guesting) is another stage

- How podcasting helps you speak with people who know what your listeners (and you) want to know

- How to overcome the common hosting problem of locating valuable guests

- How podcasting helps you build your personal brand

- Why many podcasters stop podcasting and how PodMatch is helping overcome it





- Podcasting Made Simple